Engineering Assessment

Our team is qualified to analyze, design, and implement a variety of studies and projects in the electrical power and controls areas. Examples include assessments to determine root-cause analysis and recommendations, and general consulting.

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Our firm can provide engineering support for electric power retrofits or new projects, as well as to provide project management. We often conduct short- or long-term power monitoring, to help customers identify how they use power within their facility, and where they could become more efficient. Examples of various engineering studies we have accomplished are:

  • Assessment of protective relaying
  • Load studies to justify resetting of ratchet demand charges by utilities
  • Sizing and designing emergency generator systems
  • Increasing the capacity of transformers and load centers
  • Assessing and sizing uninterruptible power supplies for critical loads
  • Assessing and designing electrical sub-metering

Energy Efficiency Project Service Provider
Many investor-owned and other electric utilities offer incentive payments to companies that add energy efficient equipment in their facilities. The incentives often are a sizable percentage of the project cost. The utility companies do not interface directly with the end-user companies. Rather, this interface is through third-party “Service Providers” that are approved by the utility companies. As an approved utility Service Provider, we work with the utility and the end-user company to define the project (such as a lighting retrofit, an HVAC replacement, industrial process equipment upgrades, etc.). We process the necessary paperwork, coordinate utility site reviews, and conduct measurement and verification as needed, to ensure that maximum-allowed utility incentive payments are provided to the end-use company.

Continuous Facility Power Monitoring
We can provide a continuous power monitoring system. Information can be made available to you in several forms (e.g. at the load center, personal computer, or through the internet and by personal pager or text messages). We can provide systems that enable our customers to quantify any power quality event that occurred at the facility. Also, data is stored historically, enabling large volumes of data to be presented in easily-understood formats.