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Most facilities can benefit from energy efficiency improvements, solutions to power quality issues, and other services. We offer a wide array of products and services to improve equipment efficiency, reduce operating costs, assess and solve lingering power quality problems, and conduct engineering assessments at industrial facilities. Our goal is to help you to solve problems and reduce your operating costs.

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Some examples of how we can help include: Power factor correction projects, surge protection to mitigate high-voltage transients, adding variable frequency drives, assessing overloaded transformers and load centers to eliminate capacity bottlenecks, investigating and solving nuisance shut downs of critical equipment and processes, analyzing facility grounding and correcting problems, adding single-phasing and phase unbalance protection, retrofit lighting projects, HVAC upgrades, and many other projects.

We often Interface with electric utilities to solve power quality issues. We also offer Predominant Use Studies to help qualifying industrial companies become sales tax exempt for electricity and natural gas purchases.