Facility Audits

Energy Audits

Most buildings are operated with legacy lighting, HVAC, and other equipment that remain from the original construction. Often, improvements can be made that drastically reduce electricity usage.

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We conduct energy audits at your site to categorize areas for needed improvement. We also work with many suppliers to replace aging or inefficient equipment, helping your bottom line and the environment. We can provide just a report, or can implement a turnkey energy efficiency project.

  • Lighting retrofit
  • Replacing older heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) with high efficiency upgrades
  • Replacing process motors with high efficiency equipment
  • Adding variable frequency drives where appropriate
  • Motion-controlled lighting/workstation controls
  • Motor Studies
  • Infrared imaging of switchgear and individual loads
  • Reviewing opportunities to turn off electrical loads when not needed
  • Assessing leaks in air compression systems
  • Adding skylights
  • Window film treatment
  • Solar hot water heating