Power Quality Studies

Power Quality

Modern power systems at industrial, commercial, and governmental facilities grow more complicated each year, as power electronics, variable frequency drives, and other sensitive controls enter the scene. However, the addition of these energy efficient electronic power devices can cause power quality problems in your facility. We bring decades of experience to help identify and overcome the power quality problems that can occur at such facilities. Our experts can diagnose the root cause of problems, perform a power quality study to mitigate or eliminate the problems, and implement power quality solutions to resolve the issues.

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Power interruptions, high-voltage transients, voltage sags or surges, harmonic distortion and other power quality problems can disrupt your facility operation and can even damage equipment. We can help you address these power quality problems with a comprehensive array of power quality products and consulting/diagnostic services. Even brief power fluctuations can result in lost production, higher operating costs, lower product quality, lost business, safety hazards and environmental releases. One momentary power disruption could shut down an entire manufacturing process, endanger a hospital’s patient care or crash a data processing system and keep it down for hours. When we investigate a power quality problem, we start by thoroughly understanding the problem. This is accomplished by conducting a site investigation and interviewing facility personnel. Often we will install power monitoring instruments to capture electrical anomalies. When we identify the root cause of the power quality problem, we recommend a cost-effective solution.

Power Quality Services
  • Equipment sensitivity and nuisance shut down assessment
  • Temporary power monitoring
  • Continuous power monitoring with internet access
  • Power factor studies & analysis
  • Voltage regulation and unbalance assessment
  • Wiring and grounding assessment
  • Transient fault analysis
  • Harmonic and flicker analysis
  • Assessment of electric utility service performance
  • Assessment of manufacturer’s equipment deficiencies
  • Education and training seminars

We use a variety of high quality suppliers to apply state of the art solutions. Often our cost is minimal, such as merely configuring equipment to take advantage of existing equipment capabilities. When other solutions are required, typical power conditioners that we commonly use include:

Power Quality Conditioners
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Constant voltage regulators and line conditioners
  • Isolation transformers
  • Harmonic filters
  • Transient surge protection devices
  • Power factor correction equipment
  • Emergency generators
  • Solid state switches
  • Line reactors

We match the power quality problem with an optimized solution based on the work scope desired by you. This scope can include design, project management, mitigation equipment, installation, startup, and also a turnkey project solution. There is no risk or cost to explore what we can do to solve your facility’s power quality problem.